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Tư vấn thiết kế nhà có bể bơi ai nhìn cũng mê đắm –

Nowadays, for urban families, owning a swimming pool in the house is a dream. More than just a place to rest, work house design with swimming pool will turn your home into a great place to enjoy and relax after a long day of work. If you are planning to add this utility in your home, please refer to WEDO’s article for more ideas.

The current trend of house design with swimming pool

After a tiring working week, surely everyone wants to relax, soak in the cool water and enjoy the quiet moments, away from the chaos of life. Instead of having to go to tourist areas to relax, or go to public swimming pools to enjoy, you can completely own a swimming pool at home. Both ensure the uniqueness and really bring a relaxing space in the hot and sunny climate in the summer. With this idea, the need to build house design with swimming pool increasingly high.

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In which, taking advantage of the small space at home, on the terrace, in front or behind the garden to build a swimming pool is the most reasonable choice. The house space with swimming pool will be a place for family members to relax and do sports every day, good for health and luxury.

house design with swimming pool
Relaxing with a home pool is an effective way to reduce stress

Things to keep in mind when designing a house with a swimming pool

Choose the location and direction of the swimming pool

Nice swimming pool location

Where to place the swimming pool in the house is very important because it will affect the aesthetics, usability, safety and especially feng shui of the house. Usually swimming pools will be located in front of the house, behind the house, on the side of the house, indoors or on the terrace. In particular, according to house feng shui, the way to choose a location is usually as follows:

+ Should be placed in front of the house because according to feng shui will help the owner get a lot of fortune. But for the swimming pool placed in front of the house, it should be avoided at the entrance. Because it is not only harmful to feng shui, but also unsafe and inconvenient in travel.

+ If the swimming pool is placed in the direction of the paint, when designing the house, it is necessary to place the swimming pool in the back to help the bad energy be transformed. Therefore, it is not always best to reserve a swimming pool in front of the house.

house design with swimming pool
Designing a comfortable swimming pool and resort space

Direction of swimming pool: You should choose the East or Southeast direction because it belongs to the Wood element and avoids the South (fire) direction that is in conflict with feng shui. Choosing the direction of the pool is quite important, and if you choose a bad direction, it is easy to create dangers and lose fortune, instead of giving birth to prosperity.

Besides, the direction of placing the swimming pool should be in a well-ventilated place, avoiding murky, stagnant. But remember that sunlight does not create a “perineal mirror” position, creating energy that shines directly into the main door of the house.

Size and shape of house design with swimming pool

When choosing a swimming pool type, you need to pay attention to the shape of the pool so that it is reasonable and suitable for space and feng shui.

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Pool style: The shape of the pool is quite diverse from round, rectangular, triangular, semicircular, …. However, priority should be given to choosing shapes such as round, oval, oval, and octagonal which are the most beautiful in terms of feng shui. With a square-shaped swimming pool with sharp corners, it can be aesthetically pleasing, but not good for feng shui, easily bringing bad energies. To neutralize this, the homeowner should place the potted plants in the corners to balance the energy source.

house design with swimming pool
Popular swimming pool shapes

Nice pool size ratio: Usually the swimming pool will have a smaller construction area than the housing area to ensure balance. Because when house design with swimming pool If the swimming pool is too large, it will feel like the house space is occupied by the pool, compressing vitality, sucking bad energy, adversely affecting the fortune and destiny of the owner.

Choose the right pool building materials

Swimming pool construction materials are also very rich today. Therefore, you need to pay attention to choosing the right and quality materials as well as ensuring the price according to your investment ability.

Designing a space that balances feng shui energy

When house design with swimming pool In classical, neoclassical, indoor, outdoor, and terrace styles, all must consider the issue of the five elements and the energy that the pool creates.

house design with swimming pool
The size of the pool must be in harmony with the overall space

In addition, it is advisable to note the factors in the Kim – Moc – Water – Fire – Earth relationship to choose the appropriate swimming pool building materials such as: Hanh Kim is the handrails up and down the pool, Moc is a green tree. Villa pool, Fire element is the light of the lake… All must create a harmony, avoiding the too strong or too weak. Especially the blue color (the element of water) in the lake tiles helps to bring a feeling of green and create an effective interaction of the five elements.

Ensuring safety when designing a house with a swimming pool

In addition to the above factors, ensuring the safety of swimming pools in home design is an extremely important issue. You need to equip more partitions or separate the swimming pool with glass doors to ensure that small children will not be able to freely enter and exit the pool without the permission of adults. In order to walk on the pool floor safely, you should use waterproof and high-friction swimming pool tiling materials.

The cost of building a house with a swimming pool

The cost of building a house with a beautiful swimming pool is not fixed but depends on many good factors. You can refer to the factors affecting the cost of building a villa with a swimming pool below to choose a swimming pool design that suits your economy and real space.

+ Area and depth of villa swimming pool design
+ Materials used to build the pool: cement to granite, marble, concrete paving, tile or vinyl lining, every material you choose will affect the price of your pool.
+ Exterior design, outdoor space
+ Cost for swimming pool design and construction unit
+ Where is the shape and location of the villa construction: ground / floating in the garden, in a 1-storey house, a 2-storey house, a 3-storey house or on a terrace or an underground / underground swimming pool will affect construction costs, materials…
+ Pool equipment and maintenance, maintenance and other arising and additional costs.

Normally, the average cost of building a swimming pool with a diameter of 6m above ground level is about 150 million VND. If it is an underground swimming pool with a size of 5mx10m, this cost can be up to 500 million VND.

house design with swimming pool
Green garden space and comfortable swimming pool for a perfect life

Suggest some beautiful house designs with swimming pools

Here are some suggestions for building locations house design with swimming pool Ideal for your home space. Invite you to consult

Rooftop swimming pool design

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Rooftop swimming pool design is currently quite popular and is interested by many homeowners. Not only showing the owner’s willingness to play and bear expenses, the rooftop swimming pool also helps to release the limitations of space to keep the lake open and free from stagnant air, combined with trees and seating to rest. Add a beautiful image to any project. Family members can comfortably look at the sky and zoom in on the space around their house while relaxing with cool water.

To design a rooftop swimming pool, architects will have to carefully calculate the structure to bring the bearing capacity to the house. In addition, because the swimming pool is installed on high, to avoid the negative effects of sunlight, homeowners should install a swimming pool roof sheet that both helps to get outstanding light and limit the influence of sunlight. UV rays to the user.

house design with swimming pool
The swimming pool built on the roof of the house is a special design
house design with swimming pool
Swimming pool brings a new experience to users.
house design with swimming pool
Illustrated drawing of a 3-storey model house with a comfortable rooftop swimming pool

Swimming pool design in front of the house

If your family has a large area and a spacious garden, the design of the swimming pool is quite ideal. You can completely build a swimming pool according to the desired size and shape to suit your preferences, needs as well as the overall aesthetics of the house.

Whether small or large, a swimming pool is always an expensive detail, bringing convenience and improving the life of the investor’s family. Especially, when combined with green trees in the garden, the overall space will give your family a “5-star resort” right at your home.

house design with swimming pool
Family garden swimming pool design
house design with swimming pool
Beautiful outdoor house with swimming pool in harmony with the whole
house design with swimming pool
1-storey house with high-class and comfortable swimming pool
house design with swimming pool
Model of an open-air swimming pool and feng shui standards
house design with swimming pool
Illustrated drawing of a model house with a swimming pool in front of the house

Design swimming pool behind the house

The swimming pool is located behind the house, has the advantage of privacy, comfort, can avoid the dust, noise, and bustle of the urban area. For families or organizing parties, it is quite interesting to invite friends to join the party around the pool on the weekend.

The backyard is adorned with a vertical garden with waterfall and cooling pool
house design with swimming pool
The swimming pool is small but blends with the surrounding space to create a desirable outdoor space
house design with swimming pool
The swimming pool is located in the middle of a luxuriant green garden, very suitable for houses with large yards
nice design
Take advantage of the backyard with a green garden and a relaxing space with a beautiful resort-like swimming pool
nice design

Design a mini indoor swimming pool

If the area of ​​your house is not too large, or simply the land fund does not allow you to design an outdoor swimming pool, you can still consider designing a small indoor mini swimming pool. Just have an underwater space that is not too spacious, but will be just enough for your family to enjoy swimming and playing together. Indoor swimming pools will often be designed in a round, square, oval or curvy shape, depending on the wishes of the owner or the actual shape of the land.

Indoor swimming pools have the advantage of being easier to use than outdoor ones. Because you won’t have to worry about rain or shine. Moreover, the indoor swimming pool also helps to reduce construction costs, suitable for moderate house space. Indoor swimming pools help limit the accumulation of dirt, broken branches or fallen leaves, etc. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance also become simpler. In addition, you can also build a small jacuzzi next to or install a swim head upstream, to increase the experience.

good night
The small indoor swimming pool will become the family’s favorite space, rain or shine
good night
good night
good night
Illustrated drawing of a model house with an indoor swimming pool

House design with a narrow swimming pool on the side

For families with a small garden or a long tube house, there is a space on the side of the house. The narrow swimming pool style is quite suitable for you to choose the design.

Narrow pools are usually rectangular in shape, so you can make the most of the length. In addition, the elongated pool shape also allows homeowners to easily observe activities outside the pool from many different locations in their house. To decorate, you can put a small table, one or two couches to relax. At the same time, design a few more bonsai – small miniatures, green grass around to turn this area into an interesting resort.

good night
Narrow family swimming pool design
good night
Although it does not have a large area, this swimming pool is enough to cool off in the hot summer
good night
The small swimming pool does not take up too much space, creating privacy with the wall

Hopefully with the information about house design with swimming pool but WEDO sent to you above, you can choose the beautiful design that best suits the needs of your family. To better understand the unit price of each specific swimming pool construction item, please contact us for more detailed advice on design and a full swimming pool construction cost estimate.



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