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Tổng hợp những thiết kế mẫu nhà phố ngang 4m ấn tượng nhất –

Owners of land plots that are not too large with a limited width of only 4-5m often decide to build high-rise buildings. In addition, the tube house designs will integrate living space with offices for rent, shop business, ensuring comfortable and beneficial living needs. These 4m . horizontal townhouse model is always effectively handled by WEDO architects, both meeting the owner’s expectations for a house with a beautiful and delicate facade and creating reasonable ventilation.

1. Modern 4m horizontal townhouse design

Modern 4-storey townhouse design 4x12m

Model 4m horizontal townhouse modern design
Modern townhouse design

Facing the situation of crowded land, the construction of a 4-storey tube house with a 4m frontage is chosen by many families. Stacking floors will help homeowners have more living functions, ensuring life for members. The design 4m . horizontal townhouse model After being completed, it has completely conquered the investor with extremely special breakthroughs. Accordingly, the first floor space is used by the architect to avoid dust and dirt, combined with foldable glass doors to save space.

On the 2nd floor, the wall is covered with wood-grained stone tiles to the outside, preventing sunlight from entering the 1st floor area. The 3rd and 4th floors of the townhouse model are delicately designed with decorative wall systems, medium and large. has the effect of separating space, both helping to catch the wind and light. Green trees are interwoven between floors to increase the softness and flexibility of the space.

The balustrades of the floors are made of glass to increase the ability to catch light and not obstruct the view, helping the members of the house to feel the change of the city from above. The large balcony on each floor is fully utilized so that the owner can satisfy his passion for growing ornamental plants as well as flowers.

Functional floor plan of 4-storey townhouse 4x12m

Functional ground floor 1
Functional ground floor 1

The drawing of a 4x12m tube house is designed and arranged according to the requirements and wishes of the family. With a fairly long depth area, the first floor area is arranged by the designers with basic common rooms to serve daily needs such as front yard for parking, living room, storage, dining room.

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Functional ground floor 2
Functional ground floor 2

2nd floor of 4m . horizontal townhouse model Priority is given to the bedroom of the couple with a balcony and full toilet for convenience in daily life. Across the stairs is a common room for family members to gather and meet.

Functional ground floor 3
Functional ground floor 3

Similar to the 2nd floor, the 3rd floor plan of the 4x12m 4-storey tube house is designed with 2 adjacent bedrooms separated by stairs and atrium space. Each room has its own self-contained toilet, meeting the needs of use without having to move out.

Functional ground floor 4
Functional ground floor 4

The 4th floor space is designed exclusively for the family’s worship room. Such arrangement is to ensure the solemnity and purity of the worship space. In addition, as a person who likes to grow crops, the owner wants to use most of the 4th floor for planting trees

2. Office design combined with apartments for rent

Architectural design of offices combined with modern apartments

Architectural design of offices combined with modern apartments
Designing townhouses with offices and apartments for rent

Model of townhouse 4m Modern is built for the purpose of leasing business. Every detail and shape of the exterior is carefully calculated in terms of location, repetition in the design creates a sophisticated in both artistic and technical aspects so that the townhouse is always attractive and outstanding. .

The 4m horizontal townhouse model is attractive and outstanding
The house model shows attraction and prominence

In the office block area, homeowners choose marble tiles to ensure sturdiness as well as enhance aesthetic beauty. The apartment rental area above has its own way of shining with half decorated with vertical tiles, while the other half is made entirely of glass. The flat roof design makes it easy for the landlord to add a terrace or a seating area above, increasing the attractiveness and comfort to convince tenants.

Overall color harmony, solid shape
3D perspective of the slanted side of the house

The project is built on a plot of land 180m2 wide, with the advantage of being wide in length but narrow in width, so the tube house is the most suitable house design. The overall color of the house is quite harmonious, and the outstanding architectural shapes really add subtle and bright imprints to the design of this 4-storey house.

Functional layout of townhouses with offices and apartments for rent

The architect took advantage of the length and also the limitation in arranging the space for the 4m wide tube house. Different from the model of a separate house or office building, this model of office combined with a small apartment for rent also needs a reasonable calculation so that whether a tenant works or rents to stay, both feel comfortable and comfortable. most comfortable.

Functional ground floor 1
Functional ground floor 1

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Ground floor area of 4m . horizontal townhouse model designed with an installation of capacitors and network cabling used for the whole building. Deep inside is a spacious garage, next to it is a separate motorbike parking area. The building also has a clear division between the stairs and the elevator next to it so that residents on the upper floors can move easily.

Functional ground floor 2
Functional ground floor 2

The mezzanine area of ​​the building is completely reserved for tenants with a spacious desk and chair area. The toilet area for employees is located next to the stairs and the elevator. In addition, for convenience, outside this 4-storey building is also a corridor for people to move.

Functional ground floor 3
Functional ground floor 3

The 3rd floor area is divided into 4 apartments with different large and small areas. Giving customers many choices when renting a house. Although the area is different, inside each apartment there is a living room, an adjoining kitchen and a bedroom.

Functional ground floor 4
Functional ground floor 4

4th floor of 4m . horizontal townhouse model includes 2 other apartments for rent along with a large terrace to create ventilation for this area as well as the rooms below.

Functional floor plan of the roof
Roof plan

Rooftop with large terrace for families to plant trees or place tables and chairs to enjoy the view, dissipating fatigue after stressful working hours.

3. Luxury 4m horizontal townhouse design

Perspective model house 4m 3 floors

Perspective of a 4-meter 3-storey townhouse model
Design of a 3-storey townhouse

The design of a 4-meter-wide townhouse with modern architecture is in line with the preferences of the owner as well as the current trend, in order to bring an airy space, close to nature and especially cost-effective. construct. Through the 3D perspective drawing, it can be seen that the house has a square roof, strong shapes, creating certainty and evoking a youthful and dynamic beauty.

The shapes are unique and impress the viewer
The house is a collection of shapes

The creative point that the architect has scored in the eyes of the investor is thanks to the unique design of retrograde blocks, in order to remove the monotony and rigidity that we often encounter in the urban areas. 4m . horizontal townhouse model modern architecture. Along with the architectural lines, the resonance of colors helps the townhouse with the 4m facade become more beautiful. In addition to the main white color, the use of wood tones combined with black brown borders, the glass door frame is very luxurious and unique.

With a small area, the architect also cleverly took advantage of the green trees to arrange the upstairs and front yard to bring a fresh atmosphere, create a feeling of relaxation when returning home and finally increase the character of the house. The aesthetic for urban space no longer feels stuffy.

Floor plan design of a 4m . townhouse

The ground floor functional plan of the townhouse is 4m across
Ground floor functional plan

Instead of building all the land, 4m . horizontal townhouse model Leave a front yard to plant many trees as well as provide parking space for motorbikes and a comfortable playground for young children. Next is the spacious living room area near the main door, the furniture is arranged scientifically to help the family have the most comfortable living and gathering space. The stairs are connected to the living room, combined with the small green space to bring a fresh atmosphere, making the most of the area. The kitchen and dining room are designed adjoining, fully furnished with reasonable area division. The toilet is arranged in the yard area, after ensuring certain privacy.

Functional floor plan of the first floor of the townhouse model is 4m . across
Functional ground floor 1

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The 2nd floor design is dedicated to relaxing and relaxing with 2 bedrooms. Each bedroom is planned to arrange modern comfortable furniture, airy space with glass doors facing the outside. The toilet is designed outside to optimize the bedroom area, thereby leading to spaciousness, openness and cleanliness.

The functional plan of the 2nd floor of the townhouse model is 4m . across
Functional ground floor 2

The 3rd floor space has a small terrace in front that provides a place to relax and create a comfortable feeling. The worship room is arranged on the top floor to create tranquility, on the other hand, in accordance with feng shui. 1 bedroom is arranged on the 3rd floor with fully furnished and neatly arranged.

4. Design a 4m-wide townhouse for young families

Design a beautiful 4m house model

Beautiful 3-storey tube house design with 4m frontage
The tube house design is popular with many homeowners

With a narrow area in width, so the design plan 4m . horizontal townhouse model The architect built on a modern style to bring a luxurious and gentle beauty. The 3-storey tube house model is used as the main color, besides each glass window in the balcony area, window to increase light inside as well as to see the outside better.

The ground floor is used gray-brown as the highlight for the entire space. Not too massive, but the design of this townhouse certainly brings a great living space.

Design drawing of a modern 4m horizontal house

Functional ground floor 1+2 of the 4m . townhouse model
Ground floor and 1st floor functional plan

1st floor of 4m . horizontal townhouse model spacious front yard for convenient parking instead of basement design. Living space such as living room, kitchen and dining room are connected and open to each other. The staircase area is designed in the middle, convenient for getting up and down as well as the partition between the kitchen and the living room.

The second floor of the house takes advantage of a room to create a common living corner so that family members can relax and chat in a more private space. The floor plan allows for better ventilation and light. The daughter’s bedroom is self-contained and fully furnished.

Functional ground floor 3+4 of the 4m . horizontal townhouse model
2nd and 3rd floor functional floor plan

The 3rd floor is designed with 2 bedrooms for parents and sons, all rooms have convenient self-contained WC.

In addition, the design of the 3-storey 4×15 tube house has a tum floor to facilitate the arrangement of items to become more neat. In particular, the worship room is designed specifically with the direction towards the front balcony. Such design purpose to receive light as well as ventilation. The remaining area is for laundry room and storage room.

Every 4m . horizontal townhouse model All have different architectural design ideas and we always try to complete the most effective and economical way for your beautiful and spacious home to be sustainable over time. If you liked any of WEDO’s beautiful sample construction projects and would like more information, let us help you!



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