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Thiết kế giếng trời nhà ống sao cho an toàn và sinh khí?

Skylight of tube house is considered as a technical solution to catch light and wind for the house. On the other hand, skylights are also a solution to create space, unique, showing an impressive and beautiful living space for homeowners.

So what exactly is a skylight? How does the skylight catch the sun and catch the wind? The structure of a skylight consists of how many parts? What should the design and construction of skylights pay attention to to achieve the purpose of opening up?

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This article does not promise to bring you new breakthroughs in architecture and construction, we only have the ambition to fully synthesize scientific information, in order to bring general knowledge to the house. city, to find a solution to neutralize space. Overcoming the limitations of the townhouse model, which is narrow in width and long in depth.

The skylight of the tube house is the place to receive light and airy

What is a well?

The skylight is a space through a straight line from the roof to the ground floor of the house, used for purposes such as increasing aesthetic effects, serving the needs of feng shui, increasing natural light for the house, regulating atmosphere, helping the living space become more harmonious and full of life.

Skylight of tube house is considered a scientific solution, expanding space, chosen by many townhouses. However, due to the specific design and architecture, if there is no scientific solution to design and handle the skylight, it may not achieve the desired effect.

How is the well constructed?

The skylight is made up of 3 parts: the bottom of the well, the body of the well and the top of the well

+ The bottom of the well is the last part, used to decorate, make miniatures, arrange flowers, rockery. This space can be connected to the living room or dining room, creating a beautiful layout.

+ Well body: is the space connecting the bottom of the well to the top of the well, which illuminates the upper floors.

+ The top of the well: is the part located at the top, usually the roof, has the role of lighting and ventilation, usually using glass roof and roof frame system.

The body of the skylight connects the space of the floors and creates ventilation

The location of the skylight in the tube house

Skylights have the effect of getting light and wind, helping to circulate indoor air, widely used in townhouses and villas. However, where should the skylight be located to catch the air?

1. Indoor skylight design

Skylight of tube house Usually placed in the middle of the house to maximize efficiency. The design of the skylight in the house will have 3 sides, designed for hallways, stairs, bathrooms and other rooms. Placing the position in the middle of the house will help the skylight to coordinate light and ventilation evenly for the house, and at the same time make a visual impression, attract views, make the space bigger and more beautiful. If designing a skylight in the house, you should make a glass roof, both to ensure aesthetics, to ensure proper sunlight and wind.

2. Design the skylight behind the house

The design of the skylight behind the house will not affect the general space of the house too much. Therefore, the purpose of getting light and airy is easy and does not require too sophisticated design. If the skylight is designed at the back, if you build it in the direction of strong wind, you should reduce the size of the skylight, to ensure wind regulation for the house. If design townhouse skylight At the back, there may be no need to make a roof to save costs.

3. The skylight at the end of the house

With the characteristics of townhouses, the scientific skylight design will make air conditioning easier and more harmonious. When designing a townhouse skylight at the end of the house, you need to pay attention to many factors, otherwise the effect will not be as expected:

  • Can create accents on smooth walls to make the space more impressive
  • Reasonable use of miniatures to ensure the distribution of space, both catching the sun and blocking the sun
  • The end of the house is often close to the living space, the place to go, so do not hang lights, or pots, heavy decorations because it can be dangerous to the living space.
The skylight placed in the middle of the house is the most popular location designed by many people

Design the skylight so that it is scientific and beautiful

Designing skylights for villas and townhouses is not difficult. However, the design must meet how to be able to catch the open space, natural light is not a simple thing.

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When designing a skylight, it is necessary to be based on the well-formed structure that gives the most scientific design options.

1. Well top design

The design of the top of the well can be decorated with a roof frame system, iron flowers. The design of the glass roof will ensure the best reception of natural light. The roof should have an iron frame as a frame to ensure safety. Glass as a roof should design textures or use plastic roofs to help exchange light more scientifically.

2. Well body design

In the cross-floor wall of the skylight, it is possible to build, decorate, hang trees, combine lighting according to the needs and preferences of each homeowner.

On the walls that can be lined with stones as accents, vivid decorative patterns for the walls. Or use small potted plants in the form of vines to decorate.

3. Well bottom design

In the area of ​​the bottom of the well, you can easily decorate it to increase the aesthetics of the house. This is the most elaborately decorated area. Often homeowners will design rockeries, fish tanks, miniatures, climbing gardens that will help the space of the house look greener and more airy.

The bottom of the skylight has a beautiful green landscape design

Types of roofs commonly used today for skylights

The sun will shine directly from the sky to the skylight with strong intensity, which will cause an excess of sunlight, directly affecting the daily life of the family. Or there is a case in the rainy season, when the rain drops, splashing inside will cause trouble. Or sometimes thieves often take advantage of the poorly designed skylight, or break it to break in. Currently, skylight roofs are designed with two styles

1. Fixed canopy

Fixed roof is the most used type of roof because of its simplicity in installation, there are many options in price. With this fixed design, it is recommended to use a material such as thick poly sheet or tempered glass for the roof. To ensure insulation for the space, you should use insulating film on the inside or install more openings to escape the heat inside.

Fixed skylight roof

2. Portable roofing

This type of roof allows you to open and close your skylight according to your needs. This solution is completely more flexible than the fixed skylight roof, but the investment cost and construction time is longer than the fixed roof.

On the market today, there are 3 types of mobile roofs, which are widely used as follows:

  • Sensor-mounted roof: when it rains, the electronic sensor system will receive weather signals to automatically close when it rains and open when it’s cold. With sunny days, we can still use the same.
  • Electric motor roof: works like a rolling door, with just one controller, you can adjust the skylight to open or close.
  • Manually pulled roof: this type of roof forces you to open and close the skylight yourself with support tools.
Portable skylight roof

3. Skylight without a roof

Skylight of tube house Uncovered is used in common with the atrium, cum in the garden. Therefore, this area needs to be left open to allow trees to grow naturally with sunlight and rain.

If you want to use a skylight without a roof, you must pay attention to 2 issues:

Firstly: apply safety measures such as installing more steel frames for protection, designing ceilings with gaps, or installing glass around the open skylights.

Second: you need to install a rainwater drainage system to ensure that water does not overflow or flood into other spaces in the house.

The choice of a skylight with or without a roof, whether to use a fixed roof or a movable roof, is all decided based on the preferences and architectural design of the house.

The most scientific and standard skylight construction experience today

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To be able to own a scientific, beautiful and convenient skylight space, you should pay attention to the following principles:

  1. Skylights with roofs must ensure a reasonable solution for the system of openings and openings to avoid heavy rain and high winds that cause rainwater to fall on the house.
  2. If under the skylight is not an area such as a landscape garden, an aquarium, but a daily living space, a place to go, it is not advisable to decorate heavy objects that are easy to fall and easily cause accidents.
  3. Systems adjacent to skylights such as corridors and windows need railings and iron flowers to ensure some safety standards such as height, gap spacing.
  4. The function of the well must be ensured before decoration to avoid incompatibility with architecture, living space and some other problems.
  5. If the house has enough natural light needed, while the area is not abundant, it should be considered and it is best to have a skylight design or not.
  6. The skylight is a space, a part that is noticed and easy to stand out in the house, so the decoration should not be too cumbersome and complicated to avoid confusing the eyes. Attention should be paid to the lightness and ventilation of its nature and role
  7. Pay attention to the length of the skylight on the passing floors, ensuring the landscape and ensuring the safety of children.
Construction of skylights needs to pay attention to many factors

Currently, skylights in townhouses are widely used to receive light and cool air, but there is one shortcoming that is being splashed with rain water. So if the skylight is flooded with rain, how should you handle it? Let’s find out more in detail with our experts in this article.

Often, the phenomenon of splashing rainwater often occurs in cases where the skylight does not have a roof. Vietnam’s weather belongs to the tropical monsoon climate, so the phenomenon of erratic rain and sunshine causes inconveniences, if no measures are taken, rainwater splashing into the skylight is common. In order to limit this disadvantage, when designing skylights, there must be a calculation so that the amount of heat and wind coming in and out must be balanced. This not only helps to reduce the amount of rain that is thrown in, it also balances the amount of heat and wind, avoiding excessive heat in summer and extra cold in winter.

In order to limit the phenomenon of rainwater seeping in, it is necessary to pay attention to the layout, we should build house skylight as follows:

+ When constructing skylights, it is necessary to reinforce iron at the top edge and contain iron at the corner

+ When building a wall around the top of the well from 15cm to 1m6 high depending on the preferences of each homeowner, then concrete the well corner pillars with dimensions of 15cm x 15cm.

+ When using the top layer of lighting materials such as mica, tempered glass, … you should add 1 or 2 layers of film to filter UV rays or harmful rays harmful to health.

If the skylight does not have a roof, it leads to heavy rain, so the amount of rainwater will accumulate at the bottom of the well. Therefore, it is necessary to build a reasonable floor drainage system, otherwise in the rainy season, stagnant rain water will cause water stagnation.

The design of the skylight is now interested and invested by many homeowners, it seems that in the narrow space of the townhouse, the skylight along with the balcony is a green space, expressing interests as well as a small garden to bring. to the stream of vitality, purification for the family.

The green space of the townhouse has an important meaning in architectural design, it meets the needs of spiritual life, natural life and balances the elements of Yin – Yang and the five elements in the overall.

Design of skylights should fully comply with design rules and principles. From size, design, roof, soundproofing system, floor drainage system, all must be calculated with standard parameters.

If your family wants to own a scientific living space, with a safe and beautiful skylight system, please contact our architects immediately. Wedo is always ready to serve customers, with the most perfect design ideas.

Any advice on home design, interior design, exterior design, … please call directly at Hotline: 024 8 16 8888



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