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Thiết bị bếp công nghiệp, bếp nhà hàng, khách sạn

Industrial kitchen equipment meet the great needs of food or service in crowded areas.. Especially restaurant kitchens, hotel kitchens, company kitchens, factories… The purchase of a full range of equipment Kitchen equipment is not only convenient in cooking food, but also helps restaurant owners and kitchen owners do business effectively.

What is industrial kitchen design?

Industrial kitchen equipment

Industrial stainless steel kitchen equipment are restaurant kitchen equipment operates with a large capacity to serve professional food. If understood in a simple way then An industrial kitchen is a place where food is processed in large quantities and completed in a short period of time, in order to serve many people at the same time. The industrial kitchen equipment often appear in places that have to serve many people such as restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, factories, hospitals, school kitchens or industrial parks, etc.

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The role of industrial kitchen equipment

Almost all kitchens serving a number of people from about 20 people or more must use industrial kitchen equipment. Because it helps the processing and cooking process become quick and convenient. But still have to put food safety first.

Industrial kitchen equipment
Most industrial equipment today is made of stainless steel

To create a meal or each dish, it is necessary to go through several stages: Preliminary processing, cutting, chopping, marinating, cooking… Each stage has many different operations that require specialized equipment. .

In short, industrial kitchen equipment plays an extremely important role. Besides, it is really necessary to arrange equipment and industrial kitchen tools so that it is reasonable in the design of restaurants and hotels… It will ensure that your business or cooking process is successful. high efficiency.

Classification of industrial equipment

Cooking equipment for industrial kitchens

These are the most important appliances in the kitchen because most of the dishes in the industrial kitchen are cooked ones. Food cooking appliances are devices that generate heat to cook food.

On the market today, there are two main lines of kitchen equipment, which are Asian kitchen products and European kitchen products. Depending on the style and menu of the restaurant, you can choose the right kitchen line.

Pre-processing equipment in industrial kitchens

These are equipment used to prepare raw materials by chopping, cutting, slicing, and grinding food. Most of these devices are made from durable stainless steel and are easier to clean.

Preliminary equipment such as meat grinders, vegetable cutters, etc. make the food preparation process easy, fast and convenient. As a result, the process of preparing food is both delicious and hygienic. Moreover, these machines have many different modes, helping users to choose the appropriate pre-processing mode.

Stainless steel industrial kitchen equipment

Industrial kitchen equipment also includes all kinds of machines and tools. Directly serving in the process of preparing, storing, preliminarily processing or serving…In which, there are indispensable products such as tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, wash basins, trolleys, shelves…

Industrial kitchen equipment

Currently, most of these devices are made entirely of stainless steel or a combination of stainless steel with other materials. Because the characteristics of stainless steel material are durable, beautiful, good bearing capacity, not corroded or rusted. In addition, cleaning stainless steel appliances is also very easy.

Refrigeration equipment in industrial kitchens

With that said, industrial kitchens serve large numbers of people. Therefore, the preservation or storage of food is important. What if there are no refrigeration facilities for this storage?

Industrial kitchen equipment

Refrigeration equipment for food preservation can be mentioned as refrigerators, coolers, cold tables, cool tables, freezers or a whole cold storage. All these devices are responsible for keeping food fresh and healthy.

Electrical equipment for industrial kitchens

Industrial kitchen equipment Electric appliances are devices that use electrical energy to generate heat to cook food, keep food hot or to preserve food for a long time.

In more detail, it is electric stoves such as industrial rice cookers, industrial fryers… Food warmers to keep food tastier. Preserving food at low temperatures such as industrial refrigerators, industrial freezers, etc.

Must operate for many hours continuously with large capacity, so the requirement of electrical equipment is to put the safety factor first. This poses no danger to both the equipment and the person directly performing it.

Criteria when choosing an industrial kitchen

Suitable for the kitchen space

Industrial kitchen equipment

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Space is the first and extremely important factor in choosing an industrial kitchen. For example, with a small kitchen area, you should choose appliances that are suitable for the location of the kitchen, and for a large kitchen area, you can use many combination ovens (type 4-6 ovens, …) to increase the efficiency of food processing and cooking.

Ensure the purpose and function of use

When choosing industrial kitchen equipment, you should pay attention to what material it is made of, how much heat it has, how much power it has, etc. Besides, budget is also one of the important factors. You should choose the equipment that suits your financial ability.

The stove is divided into two types, which are electric and gas, depending on your wishes, which can be compared and selected. For the best results, you should consider consulting a professional chef before deciding to purchase and arrange equipment.

Choose industrial kitchen equipment with appropriate capacity

The frequency of kitchen operations and the size of customers also reflect the needs of diners, which are essential criteria for you to choose the right kitchen equipment for your business. Can be based on size, specifications with fryer, grill, stir-fry or rice cooker…

Popular industrial kitchen equipment

Asian kitchen, European kitchen

As the name suggests, Asian kitchen equipment is suitable for cooking Asian-style dishes, while European kitchens serve the needs of processing European-flavored dishes.

Asian kitchen appliances are characterized by a large, even, strong flame to cook food as quickly as possible. Use a single-burner stove or multiple burners depending on the chef’s actions and the number of dishes that need to be served quickly.

Usually, European dishes are not seasoned with spices like Asian dishes, but mainly focus on sauces. Therefore, European dishes often have a long cooking time but do not require high heat, just make sure the cooking temperature is at an average level. And to process European dishes, special kitchen equipment is required.

Industrial cellar kitchen

Industrial cellar stove (low stove) because the kitchen is designed very low, to be convenient for placing stew pots with a large capacity of hundreds of liters.

Industrial casseroles are often used to cook European-flavored dishes such as soups or sauces.

Classification of industrial cellar stoves

Depending on how fuel is used, people are divided into:

  • Coal-fired cellar stove,
  • Gas industrial cellar stove,
  • Electric industrial cellar stove,
  • Stove with gas oven,
  • Stove with electric oven.

By function, cellar stoves are divided into:

  • Single-burner, 2-throat, 4-burner, and 6-throat.
  • Single cellar stove with nape,
  • Double cellar stove with nape.

Advantages of industrial cellar kitchens

  • Made of high quality stainless steel for high temperature resistance.
  • The stove is easy to clean and clean, the stainless steel stove is very durable and luxurious.
  • The structural design is equipped with a cooling system and can be cleaned to help keep the kitchen surface clean and safe.
  • Types of crockery have a riser to adjust the height and low of the kitchen base conveniently.
  • Equipped with sturdy cast iron brackets, good strength to put bone stew pots, large weight boiling water.
  • There are convenient hot and cold water faucets to save cooking time.
  • The casserole stove has a quick automatic ignition mode, with a blower fan to cool the food.
  • With an industrial casserole, you can cook stews quickly but save maximum time.

Industrial refrigerators

It can be said that the refrigerator is an essential electrical appliance for every home. Similarly, industrial refrigerators are also important equipment in the kitchens of restaurants, hotels, etc.

Industrial kitchen equipment

Industrial refrigerators have the same structure as ordinary household refrigerators. Difference in capacity and large size to meet the needs of food storage and preservation.

Without an industrial refrigerator, the process of preserving your vegetables and fruits will be difficult, affecting the quality of the food and the health of diners.

Industrial Freezers

Equipment plays an important role in preserving fresh food. Currently, almost every industrial kitchen needs industrial freezer equipment.

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Freezers are considered the perfect solution and are used by restaurant kitchens, hotels, and kitchens. Keeping food in the freezer helps keep food fresh and minimizes bacteria invasion. This device allows you to keep food fresh from weeks to months.

The capacity of industrial freezers is very large, ranging from a few hundred to more than 1000 liters. The temperature range is stable from -18 – 0 degrees Celsius. Therefore, fresh food will retain its inherent deliciousness when defrosted for processing.

Industrial ovens

Industrial ovens are also used in many restaurants today. Many people mistakenly think that an oven and a grill are similar, but they are not. Many people mistakenly think that an oven is similar to a grill, but it is not.

Grills are appliances used to bake foods in small quantities. As for the oven, its meaning is broader (it can also include the grill).

As the name suggests, its function is to bake food in large quantities. We can also use the oven to defrost food or reheat food. Industrial ovens can be classified into gas ovens, electric ovens, coal ovens.

If classified according to the purpose of baking, they can be divided into meat ovens, poultry ovens, pizza ovens, toaster ovens, ovens for other cakes…

Industrial gas stove

Industrial gas stove is an indispensable specialized kitchen equipment in restaurants and bars. The design of the industrial gas stove is not too big, compact but very solid.

The point that makes industrial gas stoves the biggest difference from regular gas stoves is the strong and large flame. If you want to cook a variety of dishes quickly, an industrial gas stove is the perfect choice.

Industrial rice cooker

Or call it industrial rice cabinets. This is also an extremely popular industrial kitchen appliance. Especially at large rice restaurants, kitchens providing industrial meals, schools, companies …

The advantage of an industrial rice cooker is that it can cook a large amount of rice in a quick time. Just wash the rice and put it in the rice trays, turn on the mode and the cabinet will cook rice automatically and quickly.

Do you think that if you cook rice in large quantities, the rice cooker will be “huge”? In fact, the rice cooker is designed very neatly, in the form of a convenient cabinet. Materials for the production of rice cookers are usually materials with high hardness, good heat resistance, mainly stainless steel.

The cabinet cooks rice quickly, much but the quality of rice is extremely perfect, not inferior to home-cooked rice. The rice is fragrant, delicious and evenly cooked like when cooked in small quantities.

The industrial rice cooker is very easy to use, just put the rice in the tray, then close the cabinet, turn on the switch. You can also turn on the timer mode, usually the rice will take about 1 hour to cook evenly and deliciously.

Not only for cooking rice, it is also used for steaming food, steaming meat, steaming dumplings … extremely convenient.


Choosing the best industrial kitchen equipment or a place to buy quality products will bring many benefits to industrial kitchens.

As a receiving unit restaurant design, hotel With many years of experience in the field of providing top quality industrial kitchen equipment, the best warranty today, WEDO is one of the top choices for you.



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