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Những thông tin không thể bỏ qua khi lợp tôn giả ngói cho nhà dân dụng

Seen from a distance, many newly built houses have red roofs that many people mistake for tiles, but in fact tile worship. So what are the advantages of using a corrugated iron roof, how is the installation process? The following article will provide the most basic information about this product for your reference as well as a suitable use plan.

The structure of the roof tiles

What is fake tile. This is a popular construction material for houses with many roofs, bringing diversity in design and enhancing the aesthetics of the building. The false roof tile has the characteristic that the color, size, and design are identical to the tile roof to deceive the eyes of the viewer, but in terms of structure, material and external structure, it is different from the real tile, which is essentially corrugated iron.

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From the outside, many people confuse corrugated iron roof with tile design, which is understandable. The shape is 100% similar, with outstanding colors to bring elegance to your home.

So the structure of the fake tile is different from the normal corrugated iron or not. This type of corrugated iron has 3 layers including:

Surface corrugated iron layer: The surface corrugated iron layer with quality standards of JIS (Japan) and ASTM (USA) and AS (Australia) works to create a sustainable structure for the roofing sheet, avoiding external influences. of the weather.

PU layer (Polyurethane): PU has the ideal heat and sound insulation features and is suitable for heat and noise resistance. Suitable for industrial and residential buildings.

White PVC coating: This bright white PVC thin film will help keep the durability, keep the color of the corrugated iron roof, and increase the aesthetics. Thereby will help you save costs when building the project.

OLDTypes of popular corrugated iron roofs today

Currently, on the market of building materials, there are many different types of corrugated iron roofs, meeting the needs of your home.

The fake tile looks like the real one

Fake roofing tiles

Tiled corrugated iron is also known as corrugated iron. This is a type of corrugated iron roof that is often used to roof houses with multi-roof architecture in the style of villas or houses with steep slopes. This type of corrugated iron roof will reduce the load on the roof frame, columns and foundation compared to conventional brick and tile roofing.

The corrugated iron tile is designed in wave form with many different colors for customers to choose from. The cost of roofing this corrugated iron is much more economical than that of ordinary tiles. When installing, use additional self-drilling screws so it is not slippery when in use.

Cold sheet

Cold corrugated iron is a type of corrugated iron with the maximum ability to reflect sunlight thanks to its shiny surface and good reflectivity, so it is chosen by many families. Especially with a hot climate in the summer like in Vietnam, using cold corrugated iron is the most suitable option.

Cold corrugated iron has only one layer and the plating layer is aluminum zinc alloy. In this coating, aluminum accounts for 55%, zinc accounts for 43.5% and Silicon only accounts for 1.5%.

With 2 main components: Aluminum and Zinc account for a high percentage, so cold corrugated iron has superior corrosion resistance compared to ordinary galvanized steel.

The aluminum component in the plating creates a mechanical barrier against environmental influences in different climatic conditions.

The zinc component in the plating provides sacrificial electrochemical protection to the base metal. When exposed to water, moisture, zinc will create a protective compound at the cutting edges or scratches.

Heat insulation

Insulated corrugated iron, also known as cool corrugated iron, PU corrugated iron, PU has the effect of preventing heat from the sun into the interior of your house. Insulation corrugated iron is composed of 3 layers which are: Surface corrugated board + PU layer + PP/PVC layer.

This type of corrugated iron has the ability to insulate, soundproof and create gloss for the corrugated iron, protecting the color as new.

Corrugated iron sheet

Corrugated iron has many different types such as 5 wave corrugated iron, 9 wave corrugated iron, 11 wave corrugated iron. Corrugated iron is galvanized steel and is painted to create aesthetics for the project.

Galvanised aluminium

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Galvanized corrugated iron is a kind of building material made from metal sheets coated with zinc during the hot dipping process. The advantage of this type of corrugated iron is that it is light, easy to transport and has rust resistance, high durability, so it is used by many families.

Among these types of corrugated iron, corrugated iron is still mentioned a lot with its own advantages. Surely this will be the popular choice of many families today.

Advantages and disadvantages of using fake corrugated iron for roofing

The advantages of false roof tiles

High applicability

The first advantage of corrugated iron roof tiles is high applicability. You can use tile worship for roofing villas, houses, high-slope spaces or high-rise buildings. The flexibility in application to daily life will bring many advantages as well as choices for customers when there is a need for this fake corrugated iron roof.


Many types of corrugated iron have heavy weight, so it is difficult to roof. However, with corrugated iron tiles, the weight is much lighter than normal bricks and tiles, so you will easily transport and construct without worrying about breakage like using bricks. Especially for houses with weak foundations, 1-storey houses do not need to reinforce the foundation but can still use this corrugated iron for roofing.

Many colors for you to choose from when using corrugated iron

High aesthetics

Venetian tile not only has the red color of the tile but also has many different colors for you to choose from. So you can choose the color according to your preferences, in accordance with the overall paint color of the house and increase the luxury and class beauty for the living space.

Cost savings

Not only beautiful, high applicability but also cost-effective when using this type of corrugated iron. You have both saved transportation costs, material costs, installation time and risks during implementation.

Cons of imitation tile

Besides the advantages, this type of corrugated iron also has certain disadvantages. That is, the durability of the fake corrugated iron tile will not be equal to that of the real tile. In the case of strong storms, it is often displaced due to light loads, so when roofing, it is necessary to ensure the manufacturer’s techniques.

Besides, the life span of corrugated iron tiles will not be equal to that of tile roofs. So after a while you have to replace the new corrugated iron to avoid oxidizing or causing leaks and moisture inside the house.

The color of this type of corrugated iron is diverse, but it is not as durable as tile, quickly old and easy to fade. So you should consider if you want to choose durable materials.

Notes when constructing and installing fake corrugated iron roofs

Measure carefully before roofing

The first note before embarking on roofing with fake corrugated iron or other types of corrugated iron is careful measurement. You need to calculate the area of ​​​​the roof to be roofing, the dimensions of the roof and determine the slope. Based on that information to order materials.

The slope of the roof will be determined by the distance between the highest point and the highest point of the roof. Usually, the suitable slope for roofing is 170cm or more, which will ensure aesthetics as well as beautiful durability.


Measure the area (length x width) of your house above ground level, then multiply this by the slope (in decimal denominators). The formula for slope is: length x width x slope. This metric will tell you the area that needs to be covered. This is a very important job when implementing the roofing method that cannot be ignored.

The purlins need to be exposed and dried to ensure that the moisture content does not exceed 12%, the distance between the purlins of the false corrugated iron roof tiles of standard size is from 5cm x 10cm or more, do not warp when roofing.

Choose to buy quality corrugated iron roof

The second note is to choose to buy genuine and quality corrugated iron. If the corrugated iron is of poor quality, it will lead to deterioration, rust, and leakage, which takes time to replace and costs more.

Therefore, you should look to buy genuine products, with high durability, with warranty. This will protect your home well when in use.

Prepare necessary equipment for roofing

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Prepare equipment for roofing including staple gun, drill, drill bits of all kinds, roof nails, metal roofing screws, self-sealing wood screws… These materials are essential in the construction process. should be fully prepared.

Follow standard roofing procedures

The roofing process needs to follow a sequence of steps to make sure you don’t miss or make mistakes in any step, helping the roof achieve maximum aesthetic beauty and durability. So how is the process, you can refer to the next part of this article.

The most standard and effective process of corrugated iron roofing

Step 1: Install the surrounds

The first step to take when roofing is to install the surrounds. Canopy and louvers are metal strips used to enclose the entire perimeter of the roof. you use 1 1/4 inch roof nails to fix to the roof. If there are water troughs, you should overlap the sides of the troughs to allow water to flow into them.

Tile roofing needs to comply with the implementation procedures

Step 2: How to install the roofing sheets

Start the installation from the highest point and then to the edge of the roof. Keep the shingle first and place on the roof to overhang the edge at least 3/4 inch.

Next, you use the head screw with a neoprene washer to fix the corrugated iron. The distance between the screws is 12 inches, if a professional technician will better understand this parameter.

You continue to place another sheet of roofing, but the roofing edges should overlap by at least 1 inch or as required by the roofing design. Do this until the roof is completely covered. If you feel the need to use sealing material, place a bead of 100% silicone or silicone sealant before placing the sheet down and make sure the bead is near the edges of the bottom plate. This will cause the silicone to tighten towards the edges, making the roofing sheets more firmly attached. The wave on the right side faces up to the wave on the left half of the wave to create optimal aesthetics.

Step 3: Install the joint covers

To prevent the corrugated iron roof from leaking water, you use joint covers. The joint cover can be bent into a V shape to fit the roof. Depending on the width of the joint you can use one or two rows of screws.


Step 4: Complete the installation

Make sure your metal roofing sheet covers the entire roof set, all edges are smoothed and finished, and screws are fastened. Remove all remaining roofing pieces and screws.

Cost of false corrugated iron roofing

One of the issues that many customers are interested in is the cost of roofing. So is it expensive to use this corrugated iron, and how much does it cost?

In fact, the cost as well as the cost you need to ignore for this roofing depends on many factors.

The first is the type of corrugated iron you choose. Of course, good quality and durable corrugated iron will cost more than poor quality corrugated iron. Therefore, the choice of corrugated iron also affects the cost you spend. However, the architect recommends using quality corrugated iron, so it will save the cost of replacing new corrugated iron during use while still ensuring durability and aesthetics.

The second is how much roof area you need to roof. The larger the area, the more volume will be, along with the cost to spend more. Therefore, you should take specific measurements to have the correct size, thereby choosing the right material for the proposed volume.

The third is the labor cost when implementing. If you can save this amount by doing the roofing yourself, it will reduce costs compared to hiring outside workers. However, workers will have more experience in the implementation process, ensuring the roofing process, creating a strong roof. If you’ve never had a corrugated iron roof, it’s best to hire outside services.

Here is the basic information related to tile worship as well as the roofing process to ensure the correct technique, structure as well as use time. You can refer to this material to better understand before choosing to roof your house. Or if you need to go back construction consultingreaders can contact hotline 0938896767 to have the architect team answer your questions in the most detailed way.



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