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Mẫu nhà ống cấp 4 mái tôn giá phải chăng tiết kiệm chi phí

Level 4 pipe house with corrugated iron roof are favored by many homeowners, especially families in rural areas today. So, what are the outstanding advantages of corrugated iron roof pipes that become the first choice for civil housing projects? In this article, let’s learn about this special tube house model.

What is a level 4 pipe house with corrugated iron roof?

Grade 4 pipe houses with corrugated iron roofs are models home design simple in architectural form, built on a long rectangular plot of land. Instead of pouring flat roofs like other modern tube houses, the 4-level corrugated iron roof model is designed with roofs of all kinds of corrugated iron such as parallel corrugated iron, square wave corrugated iron, round corrugated iron, and tiled corrugated iron. This is a popular roof pattern for country houses.

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Model of level 4 tube house with corrugated iron roof

The outstanding advantages of the 4-level tube house model with corrugated iron roof

First: simple design

Model of a 4-level tube house with corrugated iron roof has a fairly simple design, with gentle shapes in terms of architecture as well as interior and exterior. The moldings or moldings are almost absent or rarely appear in this house design. The highlight that makes a difference in the designs of 4-storey tube houses is the facade of the house. The designed façade can create accents with a leveling corrugated iron roof system, or it can be decorated synchronously in the main door system of the house.

Monday: tquick work

Models of 4-level pipe houses with corrugated iron roofs have a much faster construction time than those with corrugated iron roofs beautiful tube house model other modern 2-storey, 3-storey or 4-, 5.6-storey tube houses. Because it does not take much time to construct, the corrugated iron roofs are designed in layers, in large numbers, so the construction time is much faster than the flat roof or the Thai roof.


Third: low investment cost

Without going through the bridge to sign the shape, without the need for a truss system, wooden beams, you can still have a roof. There is no need to invest a lot of construction materials, along with a fast design and construction time, so with only a budget of 200 to 300 million you can own a 4-level pipe house with a beautiful corrugated iron roof and beautiful yard. Modern, fully meet the use of the family.

With these outstanding advantages in terms of construction progress and investment costs, the model of a 4-level tube house with corrugated iron roof deserves to become the number 1 choice for those who are intending to build houses. However, to have a more objective view, besides the advantages, the 4-level tube house model with corrugated iron roof also has disadvantages. Let’s find out below to have a more accurate and multidimensional view

Disadvantages of a 4-level tube house model with corrugated iron roof

Low heat resistance and noise resistance

Compared with beautiful tube houses with concrete roofs or Thai roofs, tile roofs, the model level 4 pipe house with corrugated iron roof Because of the inability to absorb and release heat, in the summer, the corrugated iron roof houses do not have the ability to cool like traditional tile roofs. As for the rainy season, because there is no slope as well as drainage ditches, so the 4-level pipe houses with corrugated iron roofs have poorer drainage, and when it rains heavily, the noise is quite loud, causing discomfort.

Lower durability than flat roof or tile roof

In terms of long-term use, the 4-level tube house models with corrugated iron roofs have lower durability than the models 1-storey tube house or 2 storey, 3 storey … other modern house.

Types of corrugated iron commonly used today for pipe house level 4

Fake roofing tiles

Tiled corrugated iron roof is also known as corrugated iron tile. This type of corrugated iron roof is used for roofs with multi-roof architecture in the style of villas or roofs with large slopes.

The advantage of this type of corrugated iron roof tile will greatly reduce the load on the frame of the roof, columns and foundation compared to that of conventional brick roofs. Waveforms are designed in the style of western tiles with many different colors and thicknesses, which are preferred by customers.

Besides, corrugated iron roof tiles help you save a lot of costs compared to conventional tiles. This type of corrugated iron is also screwed to connect the roof to the purlin, without breaking the nose or slipping when used.

Level 4 pipe house with cold corrugated iron roof

Cold corrugated iron is a type of corrugated iron that has the ability to maximize sunlight thanks to its shiny surface, its ability to reflect sunlight compared to other materials such as tile or zinc corrugated iron.

Cold corrugated iron has only one layer and the plating layer is aluminum zinc alloy. In this coating, aluminum accounts for 55%, zinc accounts for 43.5% and Silicon only accounts for 1.5%. With this composition, cold corrugated iron has superior corrosion resistance compared to ordinary galvanized steel.

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The aluminum component in the zinc layer has the effect of resisting the effects of the external environment. The zinc component in the plating provides sacrificial electrochemical protection to the base metal. Therefore, the life of cold corrugated iron is 4 times higher than that of ordinary corrugated iron. Houses that use cold corrugated iron to make roofs will have lower heat transfer to the house, and at night the temperature will be released quickly, so the buildings will be cooler quickly.

Heat insulation

Insulation corrugated iron, also known as cool corrugated iron, PU PE corrugated iron. Insulation sheet has the effect of preventing heat from the sun entering the house.

The structure of the insulated corrugated iron consists of 3 layers: the surface corrugated iron layer, the PU corrugated iron layer and the PP/PVC layer. Surface corrugated iron is used polyester coating to create gloss and color protection. Next is a high-density PU layer to create a sustainable fiber that enhances sound and heat insulation compared to other similar products. Next is the PVC layer to limit the possibility of fire, bringing aesthetic beauty to the ceiling layer under the roof.

Corrugated iron sheet

Corrugated iron has many types on the market such as 5-wave corrugated iron, 9-wave corrugated iron, 11-wave corrugated iron. This type of corrugated iron does not have foam layers or PU layers like cool corrugated iron but has high aesthetics, enhancing the beauty of your home.

Galvanised aluminium

The material that makes up galvanized corrugated iron is metal sheets coated with a layer of zinc during the hot dipping process. The feature of this type of corrugated iron is that it is light, easy to transport, and has good rust resistance with high durability.

Galvanized steel sheet is suitable for the Vietnamese climate, resists the effects of the environment and improves the life of your house.

Notes when building a 4-level house with corrugated iron roof


Choose the type of corrugated iron that is suitable for the design of the 4-level pipe house with corrugated iron roof

The market today has quite a few types of corrugated iron for us to choose from such as galvanized steel, corrugated iron, cold corrugated iron, heat-insulated corrugated iron, tiled corrugated iron, etc., but you should choose the right type of corrugated iron both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. as well as prices for model homes. If you can do this, you will be much more proactive in terms of budget and design.

Prepare carefully for the installation process

The construction process of a beautiful yard covered corrugated iron roof for a grade 4 tube house model is simpler and less staged than a grade 4 tube house model with a Thai roof, but the construction process has many stages such as shooting screws to connect glue the sheets together.

Therefore, during the construction process, the construction worker must be extremely attentive, if the screws are forgotten or the screws are not tight, it may affect the roof structure of the whole house, affecting the quality of the work later. costly in repair and maintenance.

Choose the right roof color

Color is one of the factors that affect the aesthetics of your home. Currently, there are many types of corrugated iron roofs such as green, red, brown, etc. Normally, level 4 rural houses often use red corrugated iron roofs combined with white paint, creating a highlight for your house.

You can choose the color of the corrugated iron roof according to the main paint color or paint color for overall harmony. Color is also a factor in feng shui, you can choose according to the color of destiny to increase fortune and luck for the owner.

Models of level 4 tube houses with beautiful corrugated iron roofs

The models of level 4 houses below are designed in a simple style, easy to apply with many different areas. You can refer.


This model of level 4 house using this corrugated iron roof is very popular today, chosen by many families in the countryside. The red corrugated iron stands out on the white wall paint, the main door and window systems are designed in balance, bringing natural light to the house. The column of the house uses modern brown colors, the front yard is spacious enough for cars. The two sides of the house are designed with green gardens, so the house becomes much more modern.


The second model uses brown corrugated iron, one of the designs with a modern style. This 4-level house with corrugated iron roof is designed in an L shape, the front yard is spacious and comfortable. In front and next to the house, there are flower beds planted with trees, so the house’s campus will become much more eye-catching.


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Brown tones when combined with white are always a reasonable choice for many families in the countryside. Design painted white, brown doors and roof in harmony. The red brick yard, surrounded by a green campus, brings a relaxed and comfortable space for family members.


The white brick wall combines with the blue corrugated iron roof, the base of the wall is covered with light gray bricks, both aesthetically pleasing and helping to protect the beautiful corrugated iron pipe house against the effects of the outside environment. Three-step design, both sides have modern stone-paneled brown railings, white columns and roofs. The flower pot placed in front of the house adorns the 4-level house with a corrugated iron roof, making it much cooler.


The design of the corrugated iron pipe house is simple with a reasonable layout of functions when in use. Blue corrugated iron roof combined with white walls and white windows and doors. The three steps that go into the main space are the living room, next to there is a side entrance, connecting the wide yard with black and white patterned tiles to make the house much more modern.


The design of a 4-level house with red corrugated iron roof, many windows and wide main door creates an airy space for the house. The design of three steps is one of the outstanding features of Vietnamese houses, both suitable for feng shui and ensuring functionality when used. With white wall paint, you can easily combine the corrugated iron roof with different colors, bringing a more modern and comfortable living space.

How much does it cost to build a level 4 house with corrugated iron roof?

To calculate the cost of building a 4-level house with corrugated iron roof will depend on many factors such as area, style as well as actual construction price in each locality.

The first is the construction price of a 4-level corrugated iron roof house, each unit has a different price. Therefore, customers should call directly to the design and construction unit to consult the price as well as listen to the architect to advise the appropriate plan.

The cost also depends on the materials you choose to build the house. If the raw materials are expensive, the cost will certainly be much higher. Or use high-grade corrugated iron for roofing, the cost of building a house will also increase. Therefore, you should consider the financial situation of your family to choose the appropriate design and construction plan.

The large construction area will partly affect the cost of building your level 4 house. The larger the area, the higher the construction cost will be.

How much does it cost to build a 4-level corrugated iron roof house, on average from 4 million to 6 million, depending on many factors. So you can refer to the different prices as well as the family’s budget to have a suitable design plan.

Design and construction unit of 4-level house with prestigious and quality corrugated iron roof

Currently, there are many units that design and construct 4-level houses with corrugated iron roofs, but to find a reputable and quality unit, customers should consult many units or consult experienced people. in this field.

As a unit with more than 15 years of experience in the field of home design and construction, Wedo is always proud to bring customers quality works, harmonious in terms of aesthetics and layout, creating a perfect living space. perfect for customers.

Especially with a team of architects with many years of experience, giving ideas in accordance with the requirements of customers. Along with that, the product warranty is always committed, bringing peace of mind to customers when using the project.

Hopefully with the information just shared here about the model level 4 pipe house with corrugated iron roof, has helped readers have more information to choose and consider about the family’s 4th grade tube house. For design advice, please contact the hotline: 024. 38 16 8888



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