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Mẫu nhà 2 tầng mái thái đẹp đang được ưa chuộng nhất năm

According to the home design trend of many homeowners today, the strong and simple personality style is being popular and is the priority criterion placed on top. This architectural style has received many satisfied comments from investors, who think that: building a house just needs to be sure about the shape, the balance of decorative pieces as well as the usable space and form. Flexible and reasonable functions are okay, but too picky, cumbersome and expensive, and also look less luxurious… Today Architecture – Construction Company Wedo I would like to introduce to you Beautiful 2-storey house model with Thai roof year was built in Nam Dinh.

Modern beautiful 2-storey house design with Thai roof

Architecture of 2-storey Thai roof house villa with size 10 x 14m Designed with very basic lines but still exudes the beauty of the house. With the design of the pillars of the house square into sharp edges in the foyer, the house feels very firmly supported, and at the same time, the roofs are drawn out to create a rich shape for the house. The house has a cubic shape that is not curt, cluttered.

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Basic parameters of a beautiful 2-storey Thai roof house model

· Villa model Beautiful 2-storey house with Thai roof
· Number of floors 02
· Investor Hoang Van Bac
· Address Nam Dinh
· Facade 10m
· Depth 14m
· Dimensions of the land 265m2
· Floor area 130m2
· Year of construction 2018
· Expected cost About 1 billion won

The most prominent feature in the architecture of the hottest 2-storey Thai roof house of the year

The door system is designed to be extremely durable

With an extremely solid architecture from the paint colors of the concrete slabs in the yard, in the garage or the highlights of the entire system, the doors in the house are made of very luxurious and modern wood. grand.

Modern and beautiful 2-storey house with Thai roof

Many families do not like to use wooden doors for many reasons such as quickly fading color, prone to shrinkage, affected by weather,…. Except for those disadvantages, wooden doors also have many advantages: durable, beautiful and luxurious, warm in winter and cool in summer. Using wooden doors creates environmental friendliness, warmth and intimacy when entering the house. The owner of the model 2-storey house with beautiful Thai roof This house has made the most of the advantages of wood to serve its house.

However, the cost of wood materials is increasing due to the depletion of wood resources and shrinking, precious wood materials are extremely rare and homeowners have to spend a lot of money. The cost is very high for such materials, so it is necessary for families with economic conditions to invest in their houses with wooden furniture and utensils. Homeowners can also choose industrial wood or imitation wood materials to limit the cost as well as the disadvantages of natural wood while still ensuring the aesthetics of their home.

And for some families like Mr. Bac – Nam Dinh’s house, who also used wood materials for the main door and the doors to some windows, it was designed with aluminum frame doors painted in brown color, imitation wood grain, which is very good and suitable. reasonable, helping to bring a harmonious whole that can save costs for the homeowner, and at the same time retain the beauty of rustic and simple colors, the color of solidity and durability.

Overview of the 2-storey Thai roof house model

A secrecy is created through slices, the way of opening and closing is continuously used flexibly for the house. However, in the end, when entering each bedroom, the occupants seem to open up the living corners in harmony with nature when they all have their own garden on the balcony. All form a series of interesting experiences when exploring the living space from the outside to the most private places inside the house.

The functional floor plan of the floors is arranged scientifically and reasonably

Floor plan of the first floor, beautiful model of 2-storey house with Thai roof

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The first floor plan includes the main functions: main hall, living room, side hall, kitchen + dining, bedroom 1, shared wc. Entering the main hall is the living room, the left side of the living room is the auxiliary hall, followed by the kitchen + dining, on the right is the ladder to the floor, next to the ladder is the common toilet. Right next to the living room will be 1 bedroom.

Floor plan of the first floor, beautiful model of 2-storey house with Thai roof

The house is designed with modern architecture, so the interior layout is also in favor of simplicity to create the right space according to the owner’s intention. Home design Beautiful 2-storey Thai roof 130m2 wide in Nam Dinh with 1 bedroom on the 1st floor next to the seating area as well as the area for the stairs to move upstairs.

Kitchen design of 2-storey house with beautiful Thai roof

Spaces such as the living room, are cared for and purchased by the owner with a large size sofa set to fill the large gap of the living room in a reasonable and beautiful way, they are designed in a contemporary architectural style. Extremely convenient, with a long sofa, homeowners can lie down or stretch their legs to rest and relax. In general, the living room space is both a polite and elegant space, but at the same time it is also a space for family gatherings in free time. House architecture 2-storey house with Thai roof pretty help all members come closer together, stronger emotional bond.

Design a beautiful 2-storey house model living room with Thai roof

On the first floor is designed 1 bedroom for Mr. Bac and his wife, fully furnished. With a large size bed facing the TV shelf placed in the center of the bedroom, it is convenient for people to follow, and it is also the most modern and suitable layout of the bedroom space with the feng shui of the house. . In the past, according to his father’s concept, the bed had to be put in the corner or next to the window, and the television was designed to be placed in a corner of the room…. in the design pattern 2-storey Thai roof house model Today’s bed layout is different from the old layout, it’s a way to overcome the disadvantages that placing the bed in the corner creates a feeling of mystery, the air is secret, difficult to circulate. and make it difficult for the owner to clean and sanitize the room.

Detail plan of the first floor, beautiful model of 2-storey house with Thai roof

The house is designed with the criterion that the bedroom must get enough light, have an open space and a logical arrangement of furniture to avoid inconvenience. The wardrobe is placed on the wall where there is little movement or movement, to help the homeowner feel comfortable when using. Moreover, the private bathroom is also designed with floor tiles specialized for toilets that are extremely clean, have roughness and avoid slippage.

1st floor bedroom design for Mr and Mrs. Bac

2nd floor plan of 2-storey house with beautiful Thai roof

2nd Floor include : 3 bedrooms, shared bathroom, 2 balconies.

2nd floor plan of 2-storey house with beautiful Thai roof

It can be said that the higher you go, the cooler the air is because the view of 2-storey house model with Thai roof pretty This is not obscured or entangled. In the spaces on the 2nd floor, there are faces adjacent to nature and it can be said that the architectural drawing of the 130m2 2-storey Thai roof house is very cleverly designed, creating a very cool feeling for the user when standing at the house. Balcony, bedroom space can absorb air to circulate air. The beautiful 2-storey Thai roof model is designed with open space as well as taking advantage of the sun and wind directions in an optimal way.

1 bedroom design 2 floor model 2 storey house with beautiful Thai roof
2-storey bedroom design 2 model 2-storey house with beautiful Thai roof
3-storey bedroom design 2 beautiful 2-storey house model with Thai roof

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Here, the 2nd floor space is designed with a 10m wide frontage, the architects have arranged a space with full function of sleeping. The bedroom area is designed in a very quiet location adjacent to the sky, next to a 7m2-wide balcony. The system of windows opening to the balcony is extremely cool, fresh air will make the room space more airy, clean and not smelly.

Floor plan of 2nd floor, detailed model of 2-storey house with beautiful Thai roof

Three bedrooms are arranged right next to the stairs, giving the bedroom area privacy and quiet. From one room to another, one can move to another easily without being obstructed, the management and visit of Mr. Bac’s children is completely simple, giving the children a feeling of closeness and safety. With the investment to create the best and comprehensive development for children with open space, enough light and a fully equipped and comfortable study table to help children live easily. Throne 2-storey house with beautiful Thai roof designed with windows and open space to get enough light to save electricity.

Toilet design model house 2 floors beautiful Thai roof

Owners want to save space, and at the same time create a clean and convenient toilet area for the entire 2nd floor to be able to share a common bathroom located at the end of the corridor.

Floor plan of 2-storey house with beautiful Thai roof

The attic floor plan is designed with 1 worship room, 1 wc and 1 yard to dry clothes. The altar room is designed with a window system that opens to the balcony, which is extremely cool, fresh air will make the room very comfortable. The space of the worship room is more airy, clean and not haunted by incense smoke. Outside, there is a laundry room equipped with a faucet to wash dishes and fruits. At the same time, that layout helps homeowners not have to travel many times to avoid noise at this sacred worship space.

Attic floor plan of 2-storey house with beautiful Thai roof

Design model of 2-storey house with Thai roof pretty This model brings a beauty that is not flowery but simple with a Thai roof system that is very suitable for the weather conditions of our country. With a moderate slope, the roof also makes the rain water drainage fast, the amount of rain water does not accumulate on the roof and helps the roof to stay dry, clean and durable. With the roof truss roof system, the roof tile has reduced costs for homeowners as well as providing a light structure that makes the roof extremely strong without being afraid of rain and wind.

Floor plan of 2-storey house with beautiful Thai roof

The construction of a house 2-storey house with beautiful Thai roof With a modern style, for many investors, it is a big concern about design costs as well as the price of construction materials. But your worries will be completely solved when coming to us, coming to Wedo every investor can be assured that building a desired house is completely feasible and possible. present in the easiest way with full amenities and aesthetic functions.

WEDO Architecture – Construction company

Transaction Office of Hanoi:

10th floor, Anh Minh Office Building, 36 Hoang Cau, Dong Da District, Hanoi.

Tel: 024. 38 16 8888; 3 678 6789;




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