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Biện pháp xử lý chống thấm trần nhà bê tông hiệu quả và dễ thực hiện

Are you worried about not knowing? concrete ceiling waterproofing in a way that’s efficient, easy to do, and doesn’t have to be done over and over again. What is the best way to deal with it? All your questions will be answered by Wedo in the article below, you can refer to it.

Why is the concrete ceiling permeable?

The concrete ceiling consists of a mixture of cement mortar with stone or gravel combined with steel placed inside to increase the bearing capacity.

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Ceilings using concrete are increasingly popular, reasonably priced and widely used in many different families and projects. The ceiling made of concrete has its own beauty because of its roughness, simple color and characteristic color that is cement color. Besides, the use of specialized materials, not too picky but still creates a rustic beauty for the house.

Not only in architectural design, interior design This material is also used in decoration. You will encounter industrial style with common concrete images, raw colors like this. This is also a style that is gradually gaining popularity in the furniture industry.

After a period of use, you do not know why the ceiling of your house is so permeable. In fact, this situation is caused by many different reasons.

A leaky ceiling affects your entire home

The first reason is the materials used. Materials and materials used in the construction process are not good, the quality is not guaranteed, so when it rains, the ceiling is easily cracked and cracked. This phenomenon will be seen after 1 year of use because at this time the concrete shrinks, the difference between temperature, sudden sunshine and rain will contribute to this ceiling seepage.

The second reason for the concrete ceiling to be permeable is due to the structural change of the material. The material surrounding the roof, but the structure, the steel and the concrete roof is not up to the mark, besides, the poor quality concrete also leads to this situation.

If your ceiling is leaking, it is also due to poor drainage of the statue yard, standing water for a long time will lead to this situation. Many families treat waterproofing by pouring the new concrete floor into the old concrete floor, but the position of the joint between the old floor and the new floor is not done carefully, so this ceiling seepage still occurs. .

Failure to check during the implementation is also one of the causes of ceiling leaks. Using poor quality mortar, unsecured tiles, and faulty implementation also contribute to this situation.

Knowing the causes of a leaky ceiling will help you have a suitable remedy and quickly handle this situation.

Why is it necessary to waterproof a concrete ceiling?

If your ceiling is leaking, should it be fixed? Practice shows, waterproofing the concrete ceiling as soon as possible, because:

If this situation persists, water will seep and spread to surrounding areas such as walls, affecting the overall structure of the house. The house that is soaked for too long will affect the quality, causing danger to users in the long run. So if your home has this problem, you should fix it as soon as possible.


Early waterproofing of the ceiling will make your home look a lot better if you leave the water stains like that. When the ceiling is soaked, you will see stains and stains on the surface. Aesthetically it looks very unpleasant, affecting the beauty of the whole house. If you want your home to always look like new, it’s best to get it fixed as soon as possible.

The condition of ceiling seepage for a long time will make the interior space of your house moldy, significantly affecting human health. Therefore, not only related to aesthetics, overcoming the situation of leaking concrete ceilings will help protect the health of family members, especially families with young children. You should take note.

When your house encounters this situation, how to handle it. Here are 3 waterproofing measures for concrete ceilings, you can refer to.

Effective concrete ceiling waterproofing measures

The method of waterproofing the ceiling depends on the different levels of leakage, from which the construction unit will advise the homeowner which method is the most quality and economical.

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With ceilings leaking from the roof, you should apply the method of sealing cracks in the gutters. At the same time, use a mixture of cement sand and waterproofing agent with a thickness of 1cm. If in case the sealing station is not effective, you should use thin sheets of corrugated iron to cover the cracks with water. Or simply use shallow gutters with deeper gutters, or drill more drain holes to prevent water from spilling onto the roof.

The second case is that the ceiling leaks at a moderate level, which will show signs of yellowing, patchy, and crow’s feet. So the solution would be to use anti-system paint with quick-drying properties.

The third is that the ceiling is seriously leaking, water dripping into drops will seriously affect your family’s activities. At this point, you need to remove the waterproof ceiling, cover with fiberglass and anti-system glue, and then re-scan as before.

One way concrete ceiling waterproofing Another effective way is to use the method of beveling the roof with closed formwork, pour cement and mortar so that they pass through the voids, soak into the concrete surface, when the concrete condenses, it will bond by filling the voids. This is treated with fine cement mortar mixed with waterproofing additives.

Here are some popular waterproofing methods commonly applied today.

Waterproofing concrete ceiling with asphalt

Bitumen is a highly viscous and black colored liquid or semi-solid that is present in most crude oils and in some natural sediments. Essential components of the bituminous asphalt. There is still some disagreement among chemists regarding the structure of bitumen.

Asphalt is often used to waterproof ceilings and walls

Asphalt is also a widely used material in construction and is also used to waterproof concrete ceilings.

Before conducting waterproofing for the ceiling, you should clean the ceiling to make sure the surface is clean, free from dirt or sand. Then apply a layer of asphalt primer and wait to dry.

Next proceed to spread asphalt on top. If in the case you use asphalt stickers, they must be glued in a straight line, not folded. Adjacent side flaps overlap 10cm, the end glued 15cm. At the intersection with the wall, you should stick 15cm on the wall to avoid standing water here.

Waterproofing concrete ceiling with self-adhesive waterproof membrane

The second method is to use a self-adhesive waterproofing membrane to overcome the situation of the concrete ceiling being permeable. The self-adhesive waterproofing membrane is in sheet form and covered with a thin layer of HDPE film on the surface. HDPE is High Density Ethylene, which is a plastic with ca. Therefore, this substance is often used in pipelines, water supply pipes, not leaking, not affected by external factors such as salt, acid and alkali even in acidic rainwater. The other side will be protected by a silicone film.


Using this waterproof membrane is very simple, you just need to peel off the silicone cover and stick it directly on the ceiling surface. The advantage of this type of waterproof membrane is that it is simple to use, safe for human health and environmentally friendly.

Waterproofing for concrete ceilings by hot torch method

The third method is to use the hot torch method, also known as the torch waterproofing membrane. This membrane has a flexible waterproof membrane, manufactured from a mixture of bitumen rich and selected polymers APP (Atactic Poly Propylene), which is heat resistant, UV resistant and highly waterproof.


The advantage of this method is that it is absolutely waterproof, safe and friendly to health as well as the surrounding environment, non-toxic. With high applicability, you can not only use this method to waterproof the ceiling, but can also use it to waterproof the adjacent wall joints, water reservoirs and water tanks.

The disadvantage of this method is that the construction process is more complicated than other methods. Besides, it is also necessary to add heating and hot-melting techniques to create adhesion. And the service life and durability are only equal to those of self-adhesive films.

Waterproofing concrete ceiling with glue

Glue is a popular waterproofing agent for concrete ceilings today. Currently on the market there are many different types of glue for customers to choose from.

The advantage of that glue is that it is easy to buy and use. The material is low cost, easy to apply with a brush or sprayer or dries quickly to form a durable and flexible coating; Excellent adhesion and sealing of cracks. The design of this material is easy to use on old and new structures and is solvent free; Odorless and does not stick to hands.

Steps to conduct professional concrete ceiling waterproofing

Step 1: Prepare the surface

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Before proceeding to waterproofing a concrete ceiling, you need to prepare the surface to be waterproofed. Surfaces need to be clean and dust free. If the ceiling is covered with moss, you should remove all the moss to avoid water leakage during the process.

When the surface is clean before proceeding with waterproofing, it will help you handle it better, ensure aesthetics as well as avoid seepage again after implementation.

Step 2: Waterproofing the concrete ceiling

The next step to waterproofing is to create a thin layer of mortar, then sweep over the surface of the concrete floor to fill the cracks of the terrace. You can choose different types of mortar and mix according to the ratio to use.

After applying 2 layers to the concrete surface, the first layer is dry, the second layer should be applied, each layer should be spaced at least 2 hours apart so that the mortar surface dries and does not occur again.

Following the correct procedure will ensure the effectiveness of the ceiling

Step 3: Apply waterproof product on top

After the 2 layers of mortar have completely dried, a specialized waterproofing product will be applied on top. If you spray 2 layers, each layer is spaced 3-4 minutes apart, spray must be even and make sure to wet the floor. It is best to spray the base of the wall about 15-20cm high to be more effective in waterproofing.

Step 4: Check and maintain the ceiling

The final step is to re-check the ceiling surface after waterproofing. It is best to do it in sunny weather, to avoid the rain that will affect the construction work as well as the efficiency after implementation.

Notes when waterproofing concrete ceilings

Waterproofing the ceiling is very important. However, to achieve the desired effect, you need to keep a few points in mind during the implementation.

You should first understand the cause of this condition. From the cause, there will be appropriate handling measures, so it will not take much effort as well as your time and money.

Second, it depends on the permeability of the ceiling, more permeable, less permeable or serious. Each different level will have a different treatment plan.

The third is surface treatment before waterproofing. Surface treatment here is to clean the surface without dirt. you can remove the paint that has been absorbed before implementation, so the new implementation process is effective.

The fourth is to choose an appropriate treatment plan. You can choose glue, asphalt or torch method. Depending on the situation to have a harmonious, easy and effective treatment method.

The fifth is to choose a reputable construction unit. In case your ceiling has a little seepage, you know how to handle it, you can do it yourself. But if the scale of seepage is large, you should look to professional and reputable waterproofing construction units for the staff to carry out and ensure work efficiency.

Hopefully through this article, you will have a better understanding of why the ceiling is leaking and have a plan concrete ceiling waterproofing efficient, safe and cost-effective. You can consult or contact the hotline 0938896767 for the most dedicated and detailed advice from the architect.



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